March 2019 Women’s Retreat

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A weekend of respite and rejuvenation
March 29 – 31, 2019

Please join us at Karin’s Place for a weekend filled with activities and services. Come shake off the cabin fever and get ready for spring with movement, healthy eating, and workshops. Take a break from being a mom, a wife (unless you bring your wife!), a daughter, a care-giver, a business woman. Whatever you need to escape for a moment, this is the place to do it.

The leaders are all truly amazing women. Marin is a fabulous chef who will be preparing farm to table healthy foods all weekend. Cooking with her is a lesson in health and nutrition. Lisa and Judy bring drumming and women’s journaling to the weekend. Jennifer is the owner of Circle of Life and she will be sharing her wisdom on health and nutrition, leading a guided relaxation, and offering individual services. Deena will teach us about personal mythology and Phyl will guide us through the principals of Reiki as well as giving individual Reiki session. Yoga will be led by the one and only Lauren and Megan offers massage all weekend long. Sarah and Shannon will lead hikes around our stunningly beautiful Pownal. Lynn is a caregiver and gentle spirit who will be available for any of your additional needs. Jessica is a top ranking Herbalife and Health coach.

Karin’s Place is a HOME. She is not a hotel. But she is not any normal home. She is grand, yet cozy. She is huge, yet intimate. She is overwhelming, yet welcoming. She sleeps 32 in beds but the overnight guests for this retreat will be limited to 26 in seven bedrooms and a sleeping loft surrounded by shoji screens. Come sleep in the freshly ironed sheets, eat beautiful food by Marin, get a massage, learn about chakras, and dance the night away.

Schedule   •   Leaders & Practitioners    •   Pricing & Descriptions   •   Reservation Form